Some of Our Favorite Classes

Sweet Beginnings

The first impression sets the tone, so we love preparing appetizers that impress as much with their presentation as with their taste.  In this class the students will learn delicious ways to start your family's next dinner party or use the recipes and skills learned to host a tapas night for family dinner.  

Dessert Is on Me

Students will participate in the art of pastry, try their hands at tasty tarts, and delve into making some southern specialties.  We will explore tips and tricks to teach others at home.  The sweetest part of the deal is taking their finished creations home to share.  

Global Eats

We will stamp our passports and explore wonderful cuisines from around the globe!  Through the delicious lens of cooking, our lessons emphasize geography, culture, and of course... food!.  Students leave with a multi-cultural cook book with each recipe created.  Come let's travel the world of food.  

Cake Boss

Mix together some sugar, a group of kids, a passionate educator and top it off with a lot of love and you get Fun and Formalities Cake Decorating with Style and Flare.  Students will begin with learning traditional cakes and frostings.  They will collaborate with classmates to design an enormous cake that is sure to impress you all.   

Don't Worry Mom and Dad, I have Dinner

Students will make main courses from start to finish.  They will learn meal planning, organization, preparation and presentation tips along with food safety, use of tools and cleanliness standards.  Best of all they will leave each class with the main dish for dinner.

Celebrate the Ones You Love

This is a cooking and gift making class with recipes for responsibility, personal growth, caring and sharing.  Your child will learn the skills of preparing food, gift making, and the joy of giving.