Tara Vazquez

Tara began her career as a classroom teacher in a prominent private school in South Carolina where she taught for three years.   Her passion for the underprivileged and her desire for a challenge led her to a failing Title One school in South Carolina.  She quickly gained attention from her success with this at-risk population. 


“I knew that every child in my class would need to leave me above grade level to make up for the time that they would lose over the summer.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, because 95% of the children entered my classroom several years behind.  What I found was that students learned more when they were having fun, and I was a better educator when I was having fun.”


Tara’s ability to turn student’s favorite activities into learning gained her the position of an instructional coach.    After moving to Denver she created Fun and Formalities, an after school enrichment and summer camp program.  In 2008 she left her career as an instructional coach to allow her more time to expand her business and volunteer work.    

Tara currently lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband, Silvio, and is a homeschooling mom to their three children.